What Would You Give To Have An iPad?

How far would you go to get an iPad and iPhone? Well, a kid in China sold his kidney…beat that! The 17 year old, only known as Wang, did the deal from an online chatroom. Unfortunately there’s no app to stop renal failure. The people involved, including a surgeon, got paid $35,000 while the kidneyless kid got a mere $3,500 for his troubles. His mother suspected something was up when Wang rocked up with the Apple products and was turning friggin yellow! Hmm, should have got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, then mom wouldn’t have suspected a thing.


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7 responses to “What Would You Give To Have An iPad?

  1. fairy face

    Oh dear this is going to end in tears, ” YELLOW ” not a good sign?

  2. Scott

    And I thought Americans were materialistic!

  3. Androgoth

    What was his last name, King? lol
    Well he certainly got him noticed 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  4. Hell, I have an i-Pad I’d gladly give him. I hate the damn thing. Give me my HP Notebook over an i-Pad anyday. Friggin I-Pads an HP wannabe anyway!.

  5. fairy face

    That’s what I bought after going to buy and iPad. It’s just a big phone.

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