Is This The Real Thing?

We're rich!!!

Imagine this loons, you buy a box of knick knacks for $5. Included in your box of crap is a very old unsigned Palmer Union Oil Co stock certificate. No biggie except for the fact that Palmer Union Oil Company’s successor is none  other than Coca Cola. So anywho, Tony Marohn signs his name on it and then contacts Coca Cola requesting either 1.8 million worth of shares in the company, or a $130 million stake. Coke were understandably WTFing and refused to acknowledge the share. Sadly Mr Marohn died in 2008 but his family are continuing the fight, saying that they are entitled to the shares as Marohn’s signature is on the certificate.


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7 responses to “Is This The Real Thing?

  1. Deb

    Well, if it’s true it would be worth a shot at.

  2. You would think the laws would be clear one way or another on something like this.

  3. I buy stuff like that regularly but I never heard of Palmer Union Oil. I’ll have to be more observant with my knick-knacks!

  4. Scott

    Oh, that would be such a sacrifice for the Coca Cola Company–come on, Coke, a deal’s a deal!

  5. The judge in the case said… “no, this is not the real thing”

  6. J MacDonald

    This article did not show the FULL story…If you read it FULL, then this guy has no case. Palmer Union Oil is long gone and merged with another company… and after 7-8 merges, then come Coca-cola. These stocks should worth what Palmer Union Oil company’s residual value at that time, if there is any. Then of course, Marohn family must proof there was a legal transition of ownership in those 7-8 merges… and how they were done.. It is just an old man’s impossible dream…

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