Kim Jong Um Has A Dud Rocket

OK Aussie Loons, you can down the hard hats. Kim Jong Um’s rocket shat itself shortly after take off. Move on, nothing to see here. North Korea had been threatening all week to launch a long range missile into Aussie airspace but it seems they had trouble keeping it up. Tsk, tsk , tsk,seems to be a common problem.


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11 responses to “Kim Jong Um Has A Dud Rocket

  1. Aw, po thang! Did the imperial Type-O-Dong III go limp on him? Perhaps he needed more Viagra in the fuel mix…

    Oh well, I found a new national anthem for our dear fearless leader. Maybe that will “stiffen” his mood: Detachable penis (song) by King Missile

  2. Nothing worse than someone’s rocket going limp straight after take-off.

  3. What a dickhead…lol ….maybe while the international press where watching his rocket flop, he had another little tacker launched on the other side of town. After all Kim Jong Um is a smart man …no? …next

  4. Is that a rocket in your pocket?

  5. fairy face

    It’s it me hecwent to see Jenny, that fat F@@ker’s face really annoys me.

  6. Scott

    I saw that on AOL news last night–that’s hilarious!

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