You Gotta Be La Kidding Me

It took French customs, social security and the police transport division, several months of surveillance of a Paris souvenir shop before they finally made an arrest.Drugs do I hear you say? Tsk, tsk, it was 13 tons of mini Eiffel Towers. Seems the family run souvenir shop were selling them without a permit. Those bastards! Father, mother and son were all arrested.


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5 responses to “You Gotta Be La Kidding Me

  1. fairy face

    Good God they don’t have enough to do!

  2. Ship them to China…they will put giro’s into them and flog them of to American adult shops….Good thinking? No?

  3. Scott

    I actually have one of those–sent me by a French pen-pal many years ago. Glad I got one before it became illegal!

  4. I guess it’s lucky they were mini-sized ones, and not full-sized ones.

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