Lucky Britain

Just a house warming present

Guess who wants to come and live in England with her five kids and meet the Royal family? Amal Abdulfattah al-Sadah, that’s who! Come on, you know her loons,  think? It’s Osama Bin Laden’s missus, the one that took a bullet trying to save him from the navy seals. She’s been booted out of Pakistan and wants to claim asylum in Britain because basically the rest of the world don’t want her. Her brother said “She wants to live a peaceful life now. I will convince Amal that she must stop contacts with al-Qaeda.” A cup of tea, love?

Want sauce with that?


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8 responses to “Lucky Britain

  1. the house 3 doors up from me is up for sale

    it’s ideally situated – mosque nearby, curry house and a couple of desi grocery shops round the corner, schools for the kids 5 min walk away and a park across the road where the whole family can play rounders or cricket at the weekend. It’s perfect

    [and the increased police surveillance her presence here would attract would do wonders to drive down petty crime from those f*cken thieving little b*stards from the housing estate opposite ]

  2. celticqueen1

    Send her to The States, I’m sure they’d love to have her and her brood. The quicker we rid the world of vermin the better it will be for all mankind. I’d give her a couple of weeks max !!!

  3. To the United States of America? Good choice….Hawaii is the place…Americans like giving asylum to global crooks and tyrants…Most Suharto family members hang out there living luxurious life styles…Former Philippine president Ferdinant Marcos lived his last days in Hawaii after robbing the Philippines blind leaving his nation starving…. Many more…..Yep…. send her to Hawaii….

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