Another Crusie Ship Fail

Note to self, if drifting in a small boat for 16 days and a Cruise Ship passes by, don’t bother waving a red sweater because they’ll ignore you anyways (even if the passengers tell the staff). The luxury cruise ship Star Princess, owned none other than by the same company as the stricken Costa Concordia is currently under investigation. Two of the occupants of the small boat, which had been adrift for a further 12 days, later died. The soul survivor is furious that the cruise ship didn’t stop to save them. Several passengers took photos of the boat which clearly shows them  waving their sweaters. One distraught passenger who was angry the ship wouldn’t stop went onto her computer and notified the US coastguard to no avail.


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5 responses to “Another Crusie Ship Fail

  1. I was watching a PBS program last night about cruise ship safety and, amazingly enough, the captains of both the Titanic and Costa Concordia were going faster than needed because they were more worried about keeping to their damned schedule than they were about safety! What the hell, were they gonna get docked an hour’s pay for being late?!?!

  2. Resourceful passenger, but the Coast Guard ignored her report?!

  3. celticqueen1

    AND we wonder why people take the law into their their own hands. If this was your loved one you’d feel like killing the bastards !! Shocking

  4. Scott

    No excuse for that.

  5. A similar thing happened in the Med. except it was the italian navy I believe, but many people died.

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