Umpire Jarred Gillett, You Might Want To Change Your Wiki Page

To say the Perth Glory fans were pissed at the poor refereeing in the A league soccer grand final is probably an understatement . Just click on the image so you can get the full brunt….


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11 responses to “Umpire Jarred Gillett, You Might Want To Change Your Wiki Page

  1. George

    Wow! Now that’s some bad PR.

  2. Scott

    And I thought Americans took sports too seriously!

  3. Josh

    Disgraceful by those bloggers. Jarred does not deserve to be ridiculed by people who have the benefit of video replay and do not understand the difficulty of real-time refereeing. Give the man a break.

    • football fan

      if it was one mistake you can understand but the game was littered with poor reffing. it must be bad when the commentators noticed as well. At one stage he apologised. You have to wonder why he would throw his career away for the love of his partner. Why is he not being charged with bringing the game into disrepute?

      • football fan2

        the game wasnt littered with poor reffing, watched it live and the replay later that night, was a couple but nothing crazy. plus it was a penalty, miller clearly contacted with berishas left shin, world game and the a league highlights showed this. the guy was the best ref all year is why he got the fianl, and his girl friend is a journilist part time, writes up the match reports, but she works elsewhere the rest of the week. may not have been the ideal way to win, but its pretty hard to argue brissy didnt deserve it.

      • I absolutely agree, Brisbane deserved to win the match. Glory spent the whole match defending the “own” goal. However, when it comes to finals and the integrity of the sport I do think they should bring in an overseas/ or impartial ref for the final.

  4. Boris

    Can’t stand the heat, get out of the ktichen. Suck it Gillett.

    • Blahahahahhahahah….”BESIEGED grand final referee Jarred Gillett made the right call in awarding a last-ditch penalty to Brisbane Roar’s Besart Berisha, according to his BOSS.” Well duh, as if his boss would say anything else.

      And I suppose the fact that Jarred Gillett’s girlfriend works in the media department of Brisbane Roar had no bearing on the game either?

  5. raul

    brisbane fans do you even know the rule called “offside”

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