I’d Rather Wear My Doona

Would you pay $ 1,710.00  to look like this? Yep, those are parrots on the Maxi Dress by Kenzo. Hmm, didn’t think so.


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9 responses to “I’d Rather Wear My Doona

  1. Scott

    I’d pay $1,710.00 to remove it from her!

  2. Isn’t that someone’s curtain?

  3. Move over trackie daks we have the latest “hide the fat” apparel

  4. celticqueen1

    I love Kenzo perfume but this hit an all time low.

  5. But I don’t have to.
    I already look like that.

  6. I thought Omar The Tent Maker went out of business after grandma died.

  7. Androgoth

    Hey is this Cousin It in drag? 😦 Yuk

    I hope that you are having a fun
    day Loon and looking forward to
    your evening of wickedness 😉

    Androgoth XXx

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