Cancer Causing Washing Detergent Alert

He put on his favorite tee and kaboom!

Step away from Tide washing detergent people, if the environmental group Women’s Voices for the Earth are to believed, that stuff will kill ya. Seems they ran tests on their Tide Free and Gentle and Tide Original Scent products and found small amounts of dioxane, which is hell cancer causing. The Cincinnati-based company Procter and Gamble, say no worries, the amount found won’t kill ya. Hmm, tell that to the deceased lab rats! Oh boy, it’s back to smashing my washing on rocks in the backyard!!!

Psst Seriously, I think the Polyvinyl Chloride in your water bottle will kill you first!

Want sauce with that?


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11 responses to “Cancer Causing Washing Detergent Alert

  1. Red

    That and about 824 other carcinogens which are far more prevalent. Scare media. I hate it.

  2. Had to mention they were from Cincinnati didn’t you.

  3. Scott

    I agree–it’s impossible to avoid toxic substances in this toxic age.

  4. celticqueen1

    You’re not even safe rinsing you dishes.

  5. So…
    I should probably stop… drinking it?!

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