OMG, Yohio the 16 year old Swedish boy who plays an electric guitar, dresses like a doll and can sing in three different languages, has found success in Japan. Seems like Bieber’s got some competition.


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7 responses to “Yohio

  1. I thought you were saying YO OHIO

  2. Scott

    That’s funny as hell–there must be alot of confused girls (and boys) in his audience!

  3. Maybe it is just me but he is a little creepy.

  4. celticqueen1

    My God I don’t think Bieber has anything to worry about. Creepy no, probably just another gender identity crisis or maybe just bad parenting. I’d feak out if my boy did this. Thank God he has facial hair and ugly friends lol.

  5. ben lund

    its called visual kai…it is a big deal in japan…many bands with serious musicians dressing like girls. its hair bands to the extreme. and freak n fantastic.

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