That Will Be Some Line Waiting For A Spare Breast

I have trouble just remembering my own name!!!

Move over Octomom, Nonamom is coming through. Mexican woman Karla Vanessa Perezis is expecting 9 bubs after using fertility treatment AND yes Karla already has triplets, just in case if you were wondering. AND no, the don’t look like they could rub two pennies together. Roll up, roll up, the welfare train is rolling into town.

UPDATE: TMZ are reporting the woman is friggin lying!!! Big question is why?


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3 responses to “That Will Be Some Line Waiting For A Spare Breast

  1. Some one stitch her up please..mouth and other…..Let the welfare train derail…lesson learned…

  2. celticqueen1

    Phew Mexico!! that’s alright then.

  3. Scott

    Reminds me of a line from Jurassic Park: While discussing the “wonderful” cloning of dinosaurs, “Dr. Malcolm” interrupts that the question, “Could we?” must be followed with the question, “Should we?”

    There are some areas we should not enter, even though we can. This is the case with fertility treatments.

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