Did Bob Brown See This Coming?

When the leader of the Greens suddenly resigned a few weeks back, you gotta ask yourself, what did he know? Because after this weeks “dark cloud” dumping removal of two of Prime Minister Gillard’s labor politicians from their positions, you have to be thinking , he knew the shit was about to be hit the fan.

Yesterday the Prime Minister had to admit she “underestimated public sentiment” which kinda hints that there is more to come and I wouldn’t be surprised if they comes in the form of Fair Work Australia releasing their findings on Craig Thompson. Talk about a disgraceful and desperate attempt to keep her in power by  delaying the investigation  of  Craig Thomson for 4 friggin years. Makes  you think the Australian political system is beyond corrupt, and both parties, Labor and the Coalition, should collectively hang their  heads in shame. We need a Royal Commission (run by an independent body) into Fair Work Australia, unions and both our go called political parties, as it is obvious, no one can be trusted in this country anymore.  There is an assumption by both sides that the public accept their lies, spins and hidden agendas. Hello, The Hague, this is the Australian people calling!!!!

Psst We should also be able to declare our election votes null and void, as we were lied to when Labor told us there would be absolutely no Carbon Tax !! Nether side should be allowed to take on preferences votes unless it is a close call.

2nd Psst Phew, now I need a drink…make it a double!


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7 responses to “Did Bob Brown See This Coming?

  1. celticqueen1

    Couldn’t agree more Loon they are a pack of Losers. Pour me a Moet while you’re at it woman. Just got some news that a friend on FB has been picked for The Farmer Wants A Wife. WTF is she thinking???? She’s knee high to a grasshopper and has the worst ocker accent imagineble. The first thing I said was “GET HELP”.

  2. Scott

    Slightly off topic, but about the cartoon: I once had a business-card sized card with that same “Mickey flipping the bird” picture that read this: “Hi! Thanks for parking so close! Next time remind me to bring a fucking can opener so I can open my car door! Assholes like you should take the bus!” God, I miss that card–I could sure use it now!

  3. priscilla

    ah but was it a core promise or a non core promise?
    Don’t forget ‘there will never never be GST’ then after the lib/nationals won the election it turned out to be a non core promise so they introduce it

    • Both parties have been getting away with far too much for far too long. I don’t think pollies are capable of telling the truth or sticking to a promise.If they were kids they would be sent to their rooms or thrown on the naughty step!!!

  4. Androgoth

    Sounds like a lot more to hit the fan next Loon 😦

    Androgoth XXx

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