Hey, Who Stole My Boules Balls?

You know what I hate? When your boules balls keep disappearing and you  discover the culprit is a fox. I know what you’re thinking but boules balls are used in the game of petanque (similar to bocce) Stay focused loons, stay focused. Anywho, the French player, who  thought the local kids were nicking them at night from his private pitch ,  set up an infrared camera only to discover a local fox was running off with them.


Filed under Sore Loser, Well I Never

5 responses to “Hey, Who Stole My Boules Balls?

  1. celticqueen1

    Smart as a fox lol

  2. Probably setting up his own game in the forest.

  3. “Boules” is that French for Blue?

  4. Scott

    Maybe the fox needed them as ben-wa balls.

  5. He is just playing fetch.


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