Toddlers and Tanners

And here you were thinking all day I wasn’t going to mention ……

Tsk, tsk, you under estimate the Loon!!

Tan addict Patricia Krentcil has been accused of sunbedding her 5 year old daughter to the point of burning the kid’s skin .

Psst Still no confirmation she was born in Ohio !!!


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17 responses to “Toddlers and Tanners

  1. Just a base…
    just a base…

  2. Deb

    Every time I see this woman’s photo, which is a lot, she is darker every time. I think this photo of hers has been edited over and over….but not by you Loon.

  3. What is this? Beat up on Ohio month? A couple of weirdos and BOOM – it’s twist Ohio’s tail time.

  4. She looks like the possessed kid from the Exorcist.

  5. I may be speechless Loon. Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth a little bit -shudder-

  6. priscilla

    looks like boot polish lol

  7. Lets just hope she doesn’t have bikini marks 😯

  8. some people need to be sterilized at birth.

  9. I think that’s more of a crispy crust than a tan.

  10. Scott

    Now that is sick!

  11. Androgoth

    She looks well baked to me,
    maybe she enjoys frying herself
    like a frazzled chip? 😦

    Androgoth XXx

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