That Would Be Mrs Ripper To You

Just when you thought the Jack the Ripper story couldn’t get anymore weird a British author is now claiming the infamous murderer may have been Lizzie the Ripper. John Morris believes Lizzie Williams, the wife of the royal physician Sir John Williams (also a suspect), killed the women because she couldn’t have kids. Three of the victims had their wombs cut out for starters. Anywho, he’s written a book entitled Jack The Ripper: The Hand Of A Woman which he says will leave no doubt in the readers mind, it was a friggin night prowling, psycho woman.


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5 responses to “That Would Be Mrs Ripper To You

  1. I think I should write who is Jack book. No one can prove otherwise.

  2. Scott

    That’s it, blame it on the woman!

  3. Scott

    There have been some good documentaries about this in the last few years, such as “Finding Jack the Ripper” (National Geograpic Channel, I think)–based on alot of good evidence, it’s now suspected that Jack the Ripper’s slayings stopped after he moved to the United States, where he continued killing. There’s even strong evidence to suggest his identity.

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