Warning To Slow Moving Cyclists

It seems when it comes to slow moving men on push bikes on  small country lanes, Gloucestershire women in Lycra have very little tolerance, especially when stuck behind them in their cars. The fact that she was able to jog up to the fool and lay in to him, indicates he was going at a snail’s pace and probably deserved a little tongue whipping. Unfortunately the Gloucestershire police don’t seem to see it the same way and are wanting the pair to come forward. I’m guessing the kung fu kicking and slapping went a little too far!


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11 responses to “Warning To Slow Moving Cyclists

  1. Red

    Oh, that’s embarrassing. For him.

  2. You know Loon my first thought was Helen Wheels by Paul McCartney Wings after reading your intro. But after watching the video, I’m thinking she’s more reminiscent of this:

  3. I’m betting her reaction would have been a whole lot different if she had been stuck behind this slow moving dude in Cockfosters, London

  4. I think she thought he ran into her.

  5. And I bruise easily, too.

  6. Scott

    What a bitch!

    Somehow reminds me of this joke:

    What do you get when you cross GPS with PMS?

    A seriously pissed-off bitch who WILL find you!

  7. Pssst, the word is ‘cats.’ Sorry it took so long.

  8. I am woman, hear me roar.

  9. who says a man can’t slap a woman.. I would have floored that mole with one blow…

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