Bronze Age Boat Project Sinks

OK people, the key to building a replica Bronze Age boat is making it stay afloat, I’m just saying. A team of specialist archaeologists, who had spent 3 months painstakingly building a half sized replica of a 1500BC boat, were somewhat bemused when they lowered it into the Dover Harbour only to watch it take on water straight away. Hmm, sounds more like they built a stone age boat!

Want sauce with that?


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15 responses to “Bronze Age Boat Project Sinks

  1. Androgoth

    Modern technology of what they thought it
    should be built like is obviously flawed, never
    mind I bet there’s a guy on a cloud in stitches
    watching their useless efforts 🙂 UG…

    A Bearskin and Club anyone? 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  2. Red

    Aren’t you so glad we know so much more than our ancestors. How much grant money was wasted on that, hmm?

    • Well, funny you should mention that 🙄 The project is supported by the European Union and brings together seven partners from Britain, France and Belgium. Kinda makes you think they should have got boat builders instead of specialist archaeologists to build the damn thing!!!

    • celticqueen1

      No sometimes the ” KEEP IT SIMPLE ” worked better. Maybe not this time but I liked life back when………..

  3. Well so much for evolution! 🙄

  4. What’s really strange is that you can build a boat out of anything – including concrete – and it will float if the displacement is correct. It makes no difference how heavy it is. If I guessed, I’d think that they may have scaled down their replica but forgot to scale the displacement. OR, someone left the bilge plug open.

  5. Wood? Anyone hear of WOOD??

  6. Guess someone forgot to forge the Bronze Age bailing bucket…

  7. The Bronze-Age mariners must have known something these modern scientists didn’t know.

  8. The dickheads that built it have bronze aged brains….lol…as kids we build boats out of milk cartons and….they where UNSINKABLE…. I would like to apply for a grand from the EU to built my next one out of 2 liter Coke bottles.

    • celticqueen1

      Well get in line Mega as I’m waiting for my grant to come through for counting daisies on Mount Hotham. That’s the ones the high country cowboys and their cows don’t trample.

  9. Leaky boat = not floaty boat.

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