American Tactical Apparel

It was only a matter of time, but a US fashion company have created a line of clothes that include compartments to conceal your gun. Brilliant! American Tactical Apparel say “These pants are engineered for battle, and for everyday operating. For warriors, by warriors.”  Oh and the  clothes include a custom covert thigh holster.


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6 responses to “American Tactical Apparel

  1. What a sick society to have to resort to that shit…. 😦

    • celticqueen1

      Gun stuff they will never get Mega. Oh yeah it’s that old constitutional right thing. Doesn’t matter if you have a bad temper. Crazy I tell ya crazy.

  2. And I’m proud to be an American!!!

  3. Scott

    This is just another example of misuse of the term, “warrior”. The biggest differences between warriors and soldiers (though these nuts are neither) is technology and purpose. There have been no warriors since the Industrial Revolution began–except in Fourth-World cultures.

  4. Androgoth

    Yes I saw one of those on
    that film ‘From Dusk til Dawn’ 🙂

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