Why is Bollywood so unkind?

Poor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the Indian actress who was once described as the most beautiful woman in the world, has become the brunt of fat jokes after failing to shed her post baby fat. Seems her Indian fans are none too pleased and have resorted to posting clips of her accompanied by an elephant sound. One angry fan said ‘She is a Bollywood actress and it is her duty to look good and fit,’  Tough crowd!!!


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9 responses to “Why is Bollywood so unkind?

  1. …and she just gave birth last week.

  2. celticqueen1

    THey should leave her alone. It’s taken me 30 …… oh never mind lol

  3. Now I don’t feel quite so bad about never landing any parts.

  4. stickybud

    It says more about them than it does about her.

  5. Androgoth

    Never mind, maybe there will be a singing part in
    Jungle Book the Movie, or perhaps Tarzan could
    be a nice option? 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  6. Scott

    It’s the same way in the U.S.–actresses are treated like shit by the press when they gain weight. I remember Joan Rivers’ reprehensible ridicule of Elizabeth Taylor for her weight gain. And if you Google Kirstie Alley photos, you have to go through page after page of “fat” pix (though she’s now lost that excess weight). Even Kate Winslet was bullied by her studio bosses about her weight after “Titanic”. It’s no wonder so many female celebrities have suffered from anorexia or bulemia–some (like Karen Carpenter) dying from it. There is no excuse for this public ridicule.

  7. celticqueen1

    I think it affected her daughter as well. Have you heard how she talks lately? Sounds like she’s wearing badly fitting dentures.

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