Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?

I’m gonna kill my parents!!!!

Oh no, look away Harry Connick Jr there is another blackface drama, this time in Colorado. Seems it is inappropriate for a second grader to put on face paint when portraying Dr Martin Luther King for a school  project. The class was asked to dress up for a “living wax museum” project and so the boy chose the civil rights leader. He was asked to remove the face paint after a school employee complained.

Psst Would a black child be asked to remove white face paint if he chose to dress as George Washington?


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6 responses to “Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?

  1. That has actually happened. Although I can’t cite any reference, I remember a poor African-American fifth-grader in California who was sent home to remove “inappropriate facial paint”. He was dressed up as Lincoln and had memorized the whole Gettysburg Address. His parents were outraged the school would to that to him.

    • That is appalling too!!! Teachers, parents and public should be admiring these children for wanting to represent Martin Luther King , Lincoln and the likes! Urgh!!!!

  2. “after a school employee complained”

    What a jack a$$. It was an adult who got all offended? An adult actually thought a 2nd grader (what about 8 yrs old?) was offensive for playing dress up for a project????

    Send the adult with no common sense home and let the kids learn and have fun.

  3. Androgoth

    PC gets on my wick…
    Here in the UK we have
    lost the Gollies, and some
    Nursery Rhymes too 😦

    I wonder what will be next? 😦

    The world has gone crazy…

    Androgoth XXx

  4. Scott

    Good point. Political correctness is ethical incorrectness.

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