Who Took The Brisbane Axeman Sculpture?

OK Loons, someone has taken down one of my favourite pieces of public art in Brisbane. It has vamoosed without so much as a news story. I suspect the NAB bank, which now owns the piece, was behind its vanishing act. The Axeman sculpture which was created by John Underwood’s Artbusters Organisation was originally part of the World Expo 1988, hosted by Brisbane.It has been captivating tourists for nearly 25 years. I want it returned no questions asked!!!!  Fingers crossed its just getting a makeover, but I suspect it maybe gone for good. The Sunshine State just got a littler darker 😦


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7 responses to “Who Took The Brisbane Axeman Sculpture?

  1. Maybe he was just one of those sculpture mimes and finally got tired of balancing up there and went home.

  2. celticqueen1

    Is he ready to hack a head off everytime someone leaves the building?

  3. Say Loon…
    can you recommend a good car dealership in Brisbane? I’ve been looking for something with a little more trunk space…

  4. If he only had a heart!!!!

  5. Are you aware John that your Shelpin sculptures are mostly missing from Central Surfers.? There are still a few lamposts left but no one can tell me where the bronzes have gone to. I hope they may have relocted them somewhere but it hasn’t been in the news. Nothing would surprise me . Hope this gets to you. Vivienne Bibby viviennebibby@gmail.com

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