3000kg of Pot Found Floating In the Ocean

Oh man, now I gotta cancel the party!

Attention people, has anyone lost 3000kg of cannabis? If so, you might want to give the US Coast Guard a buzz because they found it floating off the Southern California coast. The 160 bales of pot were found bobbing in the waves about 24km off shore with no vessel in sight. Police estimate  it has a street value of about $3million. Sheez, imagine how many Facebook shares you could buy with that?


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11 responses to “3000kg of Pot Found Floating In the Ocean

  1. Sounds like pot floats better than I do.

  2. Is it possible the pot hadn’t been on a boat at all but was floating there as bait as part of an elaborate plot by fish to start fishing for humans?

  3. Someone read the tides wrong.

  4. Amazing what some people will discard.

  5. celticqueen1

    No ….Hmm a friend told me lol

  6. Androgoth

    Obviously they were eaten by sharks,
    even the boat got snacked upon but quite
    astonishing, not all sharks are users 🙂

    I guess the crack appeared and they sank…

    Have a fun evening Loon 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  7. Should just be grateful a shark didn’t eat the pot. Hate to see a shark with the munchies!!!!! Everyone OUT of the water.

  8. Scott

    “…give the U.S. Coast Guard a buzz…”

    I love it!

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