Junkyard Gator

Sheez, so redneck

Trappers in South Carolina were surprised when they cut open a 13ft alligator and found a soccer ball, 2 baseballs, a tennis ball, 53 fishing lures, heaps of lead sinkers, a beer can, two turtles and a smaller gator in his stomach. Seriously, they need to clean that swamp.


Filed under Friggin Wildlife

5 responses to “Junkyard Gator

  1. How the hell would he shit all that out?

  2. Deb

    The gator is doing a good job…more of them.

  3. Scott

    Having grown up in the American Deep South, I’ve encountered plenty of ‘gators, so I’m not a bit surprised. They can eat anything. Thank God humans generally aren’t on their menu, as we are that of their crocodile cousins, or we’d really be in deep shit!

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