Lawyer Sits On Ted Bundy Secrets For Over Two Decades

For the life of me I can’t work out why Ted Bundy’s lawyer would want withhold Bundy’s private confessions.  Evidently Bundy admitted to his attorney  John Henry Browne, that he had killed over 100 people and his first victim was a male . Browne said in a recent interview “Ted told me things that he’s never told anybody,”. Despite Bundy signing a release for Mr Browne to publish the information about him, Browne had sat on it for over 20 years. Reason? He “didn’t want to visit those dark places again.” Real reason? He’s writing a book! Hmm, too bad about closure for all the families and loved ones of those victims.

Want sauce with that?


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17 responses to “Lawyer Sits On Ted Bundy Secrets For Over Two Decades

  1. Reblogged this on Real Life Monsters and commented:
    Browne said working on the book caused him to reassess his view of the killer.

    What a scum bag. He knows of other victims and did not speak out asap.
    I hope families sue him for emotional distress.

    • Thanks Psychowatcher. Makes me friggin angry. Boo friggin hoo about his distress, what about the families!!!! I’m sure there will be a few detectives rope-able about this!

  2. Reblogged.
    I hope the families of the additional victims that he knew about and stayed silent about sue his ass for emotional distress.
    I knew most lawyers were scum but this one seems to be from the bottom of the barrel.

  3. Yeah and all proceeds should go to the families. What a douche bag!!!!!!

  4. Scott

    Another valid argument for execution.

  5. The lawyer for our nearby Scarboro rapist, who also killed three teenage girls, sat on knowledge including the existence and location of videotapes for three years, until after his girlfriend got a sweetheart deal for testifying against him. Then we found that she was right there with him.

  6. Mike G.

    I guarded him for a couple of years on R-Wing, Death Row, FSP. He would be stoned and say things to us too that nobody else had heard. Can you really believe a psychopathically habitual liar? Ted, I hope you’re burning and writhing in agony and pain, in hell.

  7. He needs a couple of minutes with my Serbian sister in law who would extract the truth out of him by her “I’ll slit your belly method”. No wonder my brother spends so much time in his man cave. I can’t see why they can’t be made to confess by let’s say, waterboarding and electrocution.. Seems as good a way as any! I am talking ” Lawyer” here.

  8. Us Virgos are relentless bitches.

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