Meet The Fokkens

These women are the oldest twin prostitutes in the world. At 69 (excuse the pun) the women are still doing it for themselves. OK, Louise retired two years ago due to arthritis and the fact she could no longer get her leg over…oh never mind. Anywho the Dutch women are now starring in a documentary about their  life.


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8 responses to “Meet The Fokkens

  1. I’m speechless, I really am. Please God I don’t want to do it at that age or when I look like that. NOOOOOOO!

  2. Oh how much did you say….Hmmmmm NO.
    I worked with a guy who used to have us all in stiches and we were all at tea break discussing trivia like who we’d sleep with if they offered us a $1,000.000.00. I said that maybe Robert Downy Jn. Harrison Ford or Al Pacino. We asked the guys how much and who they’d sleep with for the same offer and their reply was, “they’d sleep with her for nothing” lololol.

  3. Seriously…their name is FOKKEN??

  4. Scott

    I was about to comment, when I noticed the category, “Friggin’ Scary”–that says it best!

  5. I bet one person at least involved in the production of this documentary suggested they go with the alternative title – ‘Meet the Fuckers’

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