The Butler Did It

Holy mousetrap Batman. Guess who’s behind those Vatican leaks which revealed all the alleged corruption, mismanagement and internal conflicts. ? Seems Pope Benedict’s personal butler, Paolo Gabriele . Well, that’s awkward!

Want sauce with that?

UPDATE : The butler has been arrested, but the show will go on.


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13 responses to “The Butler Did It

  1. With the candlestick in the laundry.

  2. Well it will get a whole lot more awkward for the smuck!!!

  3. Scott

    The Pope is one of the most dangerous people in the world–every Pope has been, because so many people blindly follow him. The biggest threat today’s Pope presents is his contribution to overpopulation. There are now over 7 billion people in the world–by 2050, it’s estimated there will be over 11 billion. The planet simply cannot sustain so many people. Contraception is NOT equivalent to abortion–yet that is what every modern Pope has always taught. And as a result, the Pope’s followers–particularly in Latin America–are refusing to use contraception, and are thus contributing significantly to the impending population apocalypse. And there will be a population apocalypse. Every person needs approximately 6 feet of personal space during most of his/her waking hours. When the population reaches the point at which everyone’s personal space is violated enough, we humans will revert to our most primitive instincts, and will begin slaughtering one another with whatever weapons we can use, including our hands.

    • Agreed Scott…however the population is already in a spiral and the slaughtering has already started…….next.

      • I’ve had this discussions many times with our priest who is actually a personal friend now too. Married Jan and I, baptised the kids, married Briony and Brendan and will now baptise the baby they are expecting. He agrees wholeheartedly that we should be free to choose whether or not we use contraception. I told him if he’s contrubiting to my bills, school fees, babysitting and so forth then I’d have another. Also until you’ve been married yourself I feel that you can’ t give advice on marital problems that you yourself have never experienced or been through. Maybe they need us women in their lives to shake things up a bit. Also I believe it it was up to men to populate the world you’d have one each lol.

    • “Every person needs approximately 6 feet of personal space” … I must beg to differ i need about a good mile or two 😯

  4. Oops that’s ‘thinking’. I hate this laptop lol.

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