Are You friggin Insane?

A 56 year old woman has been arrested in Bali for allegedly attempting to smuggle in 4.7kg of cocaine which has a street value of £1.6m !!!  The drugs were allegedly found hidden in the lining of Lindsay Sandiford’s suitcase after arriving in Indonesia from Bangkok. If  found guilty, sadly that is the death penalty…… by firing squad.


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4 responses to “Are You friggin Insane?

  1. Scott

    If proven guilty, she should get shot to death. If she’s smuggling that much cocaine, she’s obviously a trafficker or dealer. Mere cocaine addicts shouldn’t be sent to jail, but to treatment centers. Cocaine traffickers and dealers however, should be executed.

  2. Hmm she’s an idiot. Whatever made her think she’d get away with it????? The bonus is she’s 56 and at least has the greatest part of her life behind her. Just as well.

  3. Did she leave a suicide note before going through Denpasar airport? Just curious about that….

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