Divorce Hotel

Is that room service?

Want a amicable  divorce , go to the Netherlands. An entrepreneur has set up a chain of divorce hotels, where you can rid yourself of your spouse in luxury. Separate rooms of course. The hotel offers a set of divorce papers in your hands within three days and also provides lawyers, mediators and psychologists.That mini bar better be stocked!!!


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10 responses to “Divorce Hotel

  1. Trust the Dutch….gee they are good…. Any coffee and Afghan purple hash cake while all this goes down?…

  2. It’s about time they started making those things convenient.

    Not that I would um…ever get one. I’m jus’ sayin’…..

  3. they also offer a singles night.

  4. I mean Mega why should you have to wait? Someone new comes along and six months is a LONG TIME!!!!

  5. Scott

    That’s for sure!

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