Incredible Hulk EPIC Fail

OK, here’s the thing Enrique dos Santos, do not and I repeat, do not, paint yourself with green paint used on nuclear submarines, that shit don’t come off!!!!The Hulk fan thought it would be a hoot to paint himself green and prance around like his fav super hero .. that was until he took a shower and it wouldn’t come off. Just to make the humiliation complete, when the Brazilian papers printed the story they incorrectly named his mother as his girlfriend.

Psst Hell yeah, there are photos….. Click here and here.


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10 responses to “Incredible Hulk EPIC Fail

  1. Surely… eventually!!!!

  2. Deb

    It’s got to come off eventually….may have to shed some skin though.

  3. There’s always sandpaper.

  4. Scott

    That reminds me of the guy who covered himself with buck-lure (doe urine) during the rut (deer mating season) to have his friend videotape a male elk investigating him. Instead, he got a male deer, and once the buck noticed he’d been tricked, he kicked the living hell out the man–he was lucky to have survived. It was all caught on videotape by his friend!

  5. Well he won’t be doing that anytime soon now will he?

  6. susi spice

    this was a hilarious story… i loved the pic with the caption “mother with the toilet brush” hahaha as the photo of him being cleaned.

  7. It’s barely noticeable…

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