Looking For Party Ideas?

Johnny I told you not to point that thing at people!

A gun range in Lewisville is offering birthday parties for kids. Seriously, what could possibly go wrong?


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8 responses to “Looking For Party Ideas?

  1. Loon, I grew up in Los Angeles, then lived in New York City for ten years. Fairly cosmopolitan places.
    Met Lucky Ex-Husband Number Two and we moved to a place called ‘northern’ Michigan. My daughter was about 5. The school calendar came home with her one day and it showed September 12th as a school holiday. Uuhhhh there’s nothing on the US calendar showing anything. Asked the husband… ‘Oh! all the kids get the day off for the first day of hunting season!’
    So yeah….

  2. Well I sure hope they don’t give them candy & soda, too!

  3. Sounds like America. We can all go a huntin and a fishin that day boy!

    • Hunting each other hopefully…….What an embarrassing shame the USA is to the rest of the World.

      • So true. Next time I’m overseas am passing myself off as a Canadian. Just wish I liked donuts and backbacon more -grin-. Luckily love hockey, Gretzky, SCTV, John Candy, and Tim Horton’s.
        Why doesn’t the world realize that not everyone is their scary stereotype? Hell, I spent a month in Soviet Russia (TV watches YOU! seriously) and just loved the people there who were not afraid to talk with me. Trust me, with all the cameras, KGB and weirdness there weren’t many brave enough.
        As for Michigan? Thinning out the gene pool is not a bad idea. Hell, Madonna and my psychofuck ex are only two reasons.
        I feel shame (heads off to the penalty box).

      • Blaahhahaha I spent a month in Russia, staying with the locals (long story). I think the people are scarier than the cameras watching you!!! I went to Gorky Park , it was minus 30 and not a soul around except for Ricky Lee Jones’ Chucky’s in Love crackling from a speaker. Scary I tell ya , scary 😯

      • To be a Canadian you also have to like wine gums and say Eh? every 10 seconds.

      • Androgoth

        I think Fraz would like Gorky Park
        isn’t that the place where pancakes
        were invented? 🙂

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