The Hormones Made Me Do It

Do not and I repeat, do not,  get between a woman and her hormones….or in this case, a woman, her hormones and her car. The Scottish woman, who blamed female troubles, was fleeing from a store detective when she cleaned up the unsuspecting pedestrian and took him for a 300 meter ride on the hood of her car. Stuart Morris claims Suzanne Gilchrist drove the car at high speeds and from side to side trying to get him off, but he clung on tight. That’s a jailing of four years and three months right there, my dear.


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5 responses to “The Hormones Made Me Do It

  1. Oh Loon. A video of Archie Bunker discussing “his-mones & her-mones” would have been the perfect response to that, but I just couldn’t find one. Argh!

  2. Oh he totally could have gotten off the hood at any time.

  3. Androgoth

    I think he enjoyed the ride too much,
    maybe his wife doesn’t like his style? 😦

  4. George

    No wonder I’m so afraid of women drivers!

    Jus’ kiddin’, ladies! 🙂

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