British Prime Minister Misplaces His Daughter

Excuse me Mr Cameron, would you mind coming back to the pub because you forgot something….your 8 year old daughter!!!!  The British Prime Minister and  family were having a good old time at their local pub but when they got home they realized one of the brood was missing. Seems she had slipped off to the loo without telling anyone just before they left. Doh!

Psst Isn’t his security men suppose to count heads?


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5 responses to “British Prime Minister Misplaces His Daughter

  1. The Austrian and I left my son the kinder sandpit oven too. Luckily it was two minutes away. My bad !!!

  2. I mean barbeque thingy that was on the church grounds. Shit we really weren’t trying to cook him.. Church of England Kinder was then run in the church hall. My we have come along way with our snowflakes haven’t we? Ours had a sandpit and got a sausage sizzle occasionally, now today’s parents would call in get the health inspectors in lol.

  3. i left my daughter in a pub just the same when on holiday we thought she was behind us walking back to the tent but she had gone to the loo and sat back in the pub we realized and went straight back so its easily done but with body guards it should never have happened who going to loose his head lol xjen mind you camerons so arrogant he will have some smartypants answer

  4. Maybe he has a lot of kids and no one can count that high.

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