Who Knew KKK Were Clean Freaks Too?

Right, now I’ll grab a rope, you grab the shovel!

Good try, but the state of Georgia have said a big fat no to the Ku Klux Klan adopting a stretch of highway to keep tidy. The white supremacist group had applied to the “Adopt-A-Highway” program but were rejected due mainly to the fact KKK sponsors signs would have to be erected next to the strip they adopted.


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13 responses to “Who Knew KKK Were Clean Freaks Too?

  1. Looks like one side is as intolerant as the other.

  2. susi spice

    Guess u can’t complain when there’s retaliation against the KKK when will people learn…

  3. Exactly and Loon I predicted Bayden Clay did his wife in and he’s just been charged. Dear God three kids with no mum now.

    • Don’t change the subject celticqueen1 ….The KKK is the subject here….I say give them nothing and burn them all on crosses….freaks of nature not worthy of life on this planet….I’m done now…What was it you where saying Celticqueen1?

  4. Bayden Clay stone faced areshold topped his wife.Openly having and affair with a work colleague and it took them weeks to work it out. I looked into that face and said HE KILLED HER the same way I looked at that guy who killed his wife and little daughter with a speargun. Burn both the f@@kers.

  5. Are they in full regalia when they clean. My car could use a good rag.

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