Fake It In Style

OMG, stop before you embarrass yourself designer label freaks. Those $68 Louis Vuitton condoms are fakes. Fakes, do you hear me. Evidently the housewives of Beverley Hills went into an uber frenzy when news spread that the French fashion house was launching a range of condoms embossed with the ‘LV’ logo. Alas, it was just a hoax by Georgia Republic architect Irakli Kiziria. Suck it up princesses.


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5 responses to “Fake It In Style

  1. Bugger me !….. no I mean ,is that so?

  2. Sparkybird

    Just think of it: glossy ads with Ralph Lauren models in full “readiness” wearing RL sexwear. Lazy advertising agencies could revive old promotions for clients like GAP: “Fall Into The GAP”. Bennetton could promote AIDS awareness with pretty European-textured designs embedded into them that unfurl and spell out a social message of unity. It could transform the car support industry: free NASCAR Jiffy Lube condoms with your oil change. How about Ben and Jerry…or even better…how about a DESIGN YOUR OWN website?

    This idea is a CASH COW…! Somebody run with this!!!

  3. Androgoth

    That condom for sure 🙂 lol
    Okay conned ’em then 😉 lmao

  4. Sixty-eight bucks?!
    Sixty-eight bucks?!

  5. Come on, it’s cheap some woman charge much more lol.

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