Greece Is The Word

The drachma might be making a comeback if all goes well in this weekends Greek election. Bye bye Euro.Yep, Greece maybe the first country to ditch the Euro as it struggles to stay afloat. What will this mean to the rest of the world? A global financial meltdown like no other. What does it mean to Greece? A default on its debts and then possibly  a nice comfy possie at the bottom of the European ladder for eternity.Opa!!! Zeus must be rolling in his grave cloud.


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11 responses to “Greece Is The Word

  1. There’ll be nothing left but a “Greecie” smear on the map after those clowns get done dragging us into WWIII! 😯

  2. I’m struggling to work out how this will affect us all,. Onbe insignificant counry surely can’t bring us all down.PLEASE EXPAIN cause I’m don’t get it.

  3. I mean “I don’t get it” …. I was going to say I’m f@@ked if I get it lol but changed it .. and for what… not to offend you guys lolololo. That’s rich isn’t it?

    • OK, if Greece defaults on loans they borrowed from other countries, it may lead to a run on European banks . For example the big banks who loaned big chunks to Greece would never recover losses, despite having to raise interest rates to try and retrieve it (remember we just handed over 6 billion). The rise in the interest rates would result in the devaluation of the Euro (and countless devaluations in superfunds and investment portfolios), then countries like Ireland, Italy and France (who are barely holding on) would probably follow suit and the domino effect would begin. Investors who have money in these banks are more than likely going to begin withdrawing money before this happens which will result in it happening quicker. The US, who has debts well over 13 trillion, will suddenly find they are owing a lot more from their European loans and losing on investments. China will no longer have strong trading partners in Europe. They may even recall monies owed to them by US. Our mining boom will come to a grinding halt as china tightens its belt and etc, etc, etc….. Run Fairy Face, run!!!!!!

      • Androgoth

        Wow Loon You Izza Smart Cookie 🙂
        Now pass me another chocolate and
        let’s not worry over Greece, besides
        they haven’t even learnt how to flush
        loo roll yet and you know what that
        means? 😦

        Origami Time… Yuk

        Androgoth XXx

    • Androgoth

      Yes it is, and I liked the
      first version best 🙂 😉 lol

  4. I’m out the friggin door already. I didn’t realise how serious it was. You missed your calling Loon. You never cease to amaze me. Here I am just thinking that it will affect a few countries. Ah well Monday morning I’ll have to withdraw my millions to….. wait a minute…. oh yeah…under my pillow.

    • The loo roll thingy has me worried. I mean who goes on holiday and rolls up used toilet paper and puts it in the bin? That alone would keep me well away from Greece. What I experienced in Poland also is enough to make me stay in Oz.

  5. Wait until America defaults….I’m building a bunker as we speak…..

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