Dude, That’s One Scary Escape Hatch

Check out how tough this Turkish man is when he gets flung from his car after a crash. That’s gonna leave one nasty skid mark me thinks.


Filed under That's Gotta Hurt, Well I Never

8 responses to “Dude, That’s One Scary Escape Hatch

  1. That’s gonna leave a mark

  2. Man, that looks almost impossible to survive, much less merely walk off.

  3. Scott

    Eight more lives remaining!

  4. Androgoth

    Why did he crap his pants too? 😦
    It is said that those skid marks are
    hard to remove, and if you don’t
    believe it just try some undies from
    the Bizmark range 😦 lol

  5. Androgoth

    He has a skeleton of steel 🙂

  6. The other guy’s don’t seem to concerned, either.
    ‘Eh. Walk it off, bro…’

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