What Are The Chances?

You are recently married and have a serious kidney ailment. The kidney your mother donated several years before is about to fail the the only chance of survival is finding someone with a 99% kidney match (1% of the population) who is willing to give it over. You think, oh crap. Then the doctor tells you they have found a perfect match….your new wife!!! Seriously dude, you are one lucky bastard. Get well soon Jonathan Woodlief.


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10 responses to “What Are The Chances?

  1. Now we have the “KIDNEY” fairy.

  2. Androgoth

    You are Kidneying with this one aren’t you Loon 🙂

  3. This is one of those stories women make-up to ensure we take out the trash regularly, right?!

  4. I bet he married her for her kidney!

  5. I wouldn’t want one of my twin’s kydneys. Pops pills for everything. God no I’d probably die quicker.

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