Guess What This is?

Give up?  Well it’s a stool tool chart. Cambridge University students Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and James King have created a yogurt type drink that can turn your shit into all the pretty colors of a rainbow to discover how sick you are. Yep, they have genetically modified all the nasty bacterias into different colors so when you down the “E.Chromi” drink and then crap in the bowl, you can self diagnose. Splendid. So, here’s  rundown of the chart…
Yellow = Colitis
Green = Bowel Cancer
Red = Rotavirus
Mauve = Salmonella
Dark Blue = Stomach Ulcer
Light Blue = Worms
Brown = Good to go

This is a hypochondriacs dream!!! Oh and Mega, you might want to ignore this chart as you’ve been pooping rainbow turds for years!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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29 responses to “Guess What This is?

  1. You meean you actually look? Ewh !

  2. OMG…. I HAVE THE ENTIRE RAINBOW…Yoohoo….I could wipe my bum on Oxford Street in Sydney and be loved for it….bless bless…

  3. Scott

    That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read–thanks for the laughs!

  4. This is a useless piece of shit of no good to the likes of me – there’s no mention of white coloured poo (early warning sign of liver failure) !!!

  5. Yes it does and mine was “Good To Go” today.

  6. What, no pink? I’ll take the blue then you can get rid of worms.

  7. Yes white. Apparently pooping white poo meant the writing was on the wall That was one of the signs and they knew they had it. That’s another great book. That and one called simply P.O.W. If you are interested in war then you will enjoy them both.

  8. Hang on.
    I’ll go grab a canvas…

  9. 2039….I could die waiting for that thing to come out.

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