Lions and Tigers and Zombies , Oh My.

Remember the dude who ate the face off the homeless guy after taking bath salts? Yeah well about that. Seems the toxicology results are in and …oh no…he had only marijuana in his system. Run!!!!


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11 responses to “Lions and Tigers and Zombies , Oh My.

  1. Maybe, but did they test him to see if he had Zombie blood?

  2. Yeah but wait till the CT and MRI scans come in, that will shed some real light on the whole scenario EEEK

  3. susi spice

    Wat if he just had like the most severe munchies???

  4. Susi might actually be right. I’ve heard the stuff is awful powerful these days! 😯

  5. Scott

    Damn, that’s bizarre!

  6. An acquaintance’s boy(19) got off his face one night and was walking up the road with a knife telling his ghirlfriend to get to the top of the mountain as the end of the world was coming. H’s damned lucky nobody called the cops cause in Oz we had a spate of trigger happy cops just shooting armed dope heads. It can have frightful effects.

  7. Androgoth

    They might weed him out of it later 😦

  8. So he was just looking for a bag of Fritos and decided to eat a homeless dude instead? I’ve never seen anyone that stoned. I’m going with insanity.

  9. That would have taken a bit of effort as skin is a bit tough. Did the homeless man not fight back? You try eating my face and I think I’d be grabbing your sc..scro…. a never mind. Sickening scenario, ifinding the guy minus his face! EEEK!

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