That’s Using Your Head

You know what I hate? When you try to break into a building via the garage door and you get your head stuck for 8 hours, I really friggin hate that!


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12 responses to “That’s Using Your Head

  1. Oh yeah. That’s gotta mess with ones street cred real bad! 😆

  2. Scott

    Bet if they let that guy go with a probationary slap on the wrist, he’d go straight for life!

  3. He will probably sue the homeowner.

  4. The neighbors should have kept opening and closing theirs.
    Just to give him hope.
    Or to mess with him.
    One of those.

  5. George

    Oy! He’s gonna be giving a lotta head where he’s headed. 🙂

  6. Androgoth

    I bet he had his pockets picked too 🙂

  7. Red

    Criminals is so stupid.

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