Introducing The Miss Holocaust Survivor Competition

So I thought I might wear my …oh wait

OMG, is it me or is having a “Miss Holocaust Survivor” competition kinda bad taste? The new comp sees 14 WWII survivors vying for the crown. The winner is judged on their personal stories of survival and how they have rebuilt their lives after the war. Only a small component is based on their looks!!!! Despite criticism the event has attracted over 300 women aged between 74 to 97 .


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19 responses to “Introducing The Miss Holocaust Survivor Competition

  1. I marvel at the resilience of the Jewish people. Their best characteristic is their desire to remember. No other people has such an obsession with memory.

    “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.
    Elie Wiesel
    My Jewish friends in Melbourne do anything to keep the Holocaust alive. Maybe these woman are doing just that. Sometimes I find it annoying because of the many holocausts going on in the world today. However Elie says it better than I.
    I have a signed copy of his book Twilight. Interesting book in as much as there are bits about Pedro I still can’t grasp!!! I’ve read it quite a few times. I’ll have another crack at it when the house is finished.

  2. Ha, just been reading this story, loon. Was thinking of posting something about it on MH but not sure what my take on it is yet. I’m all for those who did celebrating their survival but there’s something a bit tacky and undignified about the ‘beauty’ contest part of the whole affair that jars with me a bit – somehow trivializes things?

    [I wonder who suggested a beauty contest for female holocaust survivors? It wouldn’t have been a bunch of young, smart-assed, male, advertising jerks, would it ?]

  3. Can’t the survivors just hold an annual BBQ or is that bad taste also? I wonder if the Palestinians have any suggestions…. Moving on now…. The past is only a thought …

  4. My beatiful in laws had to do five years forced labour in Germany during WW11. My brother in law was left behind in Poland and was raised by his grandparents. What they had to deal with was hard but they weren’t in the death camps as someone had to keep the German War Machine going. The son left behind was from another relationship and his father was sent to the front and killed also. The camps are very real. My in laws are a testament to that. They lost five years of their lives but met each other, got married and the first opportunity they got they headed to Australia to start a new life. I loved these people very much and have no reason to ever doubt their stories. I don’t think we’d survive what they did. Our name is on the wall In Auschwitz as many Poles lost their lives during this time.
    LEST WE FORGET. Forgive yes, but certainly never forget.

  5. Scott

    Yes, definitely in bad taste. Of the ten million people killed in the NAZI concentration camps, four million were not Jewish. Yet unscrupulous Jews continue milking the Holocaust for all it’s worth–especially to maintain support for the atrocities of the Zionist State (“Israel”) against the Arab People. As horrible as the NAZI’s deeds were, theirs weren’t the only ones. Stalin killed more people than Hitler did, but we never hear about that. And the Imperial Japanese killed millions of Chinese people, as well as others, at the same time as the Holocaust. Yet Emperor Hirohito, who was Japan’s “Hitler”, was not only allowed to live, after WWII, but to remain a puppet emperor of Japan. I believe this disparity is caused by the indifference of Caucasoid Americans and Europeans toward Mongoloid Chinese. In other words, the victims of Hirohito’s holocaust are ignored because they were of a different race. And the Arabs, who had absolutely nothing to do with the NAZI’s Holocaust were punished most for it–driven from their land, at gunpoint.

  6. Did we forget George Bushes deeds? oh my…. at least 200,000 civilians in Iraq not to mention Afghanistan……

  7. John

    Is this absurdity to provide but another excuse for Hollywood to make another remember the Jewish Holocaust movie, and conveniently forget the many millions of others killed in atrocities around the the world that were as bad or worse. Atrocities are to be remembered with dignity and respect for all, and not turned into a media event intended to hype and promote one-upmanship.

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