This Is Your Pilot Freaking

Remember the JetBlue  pilot who went troppo on a New York  flight in March? Sure you do, he jumped out of the cockpit midflight and went screaming down the aisle yelling crazy stuff about terrorists and 9/11 before being restrained by passengers. Yeah him. Well, he’s been ruled insane and won’t face any charges.


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8 responses to “This Is Your Pilot Freaking

  1. The price one pays for flying a lot..i am nearly there…

  2. Oh Mega you’re just on the fringe

  3. Really? What was their first clue? 🙄

  4. It’s bloody scary just thinking that a fruit loop is in the cockpit and he’s not the terrorist but really sad that he now has psych problems. Poor man.

  5. The captain has just turned off the fasten seat belt sign…
    you are now free to run around the cabin…

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