Whatever You Do, Don’t Smoke!

Yeah, about those 6 supposed terrorists on a bus in England with a bomb in their bag, turns out it was an electronic cigarette. Awkward. Seems a highly paranoid attentive passenger called the cops from the bus after seeing smoke coming from a bag. Enter police, bomb disposal units, ambulances, fire engines and the military. After the passengers were forced to sit on the bus for three hours they were eventually marched off and held for another few hours while bags were searched. Hmm, that’s when they found the electronic cigarette which is used to aid smokers to quit. Sheez, enough to make you want to start smoking again, I say.


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6 responses to “Whatever You Do, Don’t Smoke!

  1. Smoking is dangerous to your health!

  2. no smoke without fire(arms)

  3. Androgoth

    Yes wouldn’t it have been much easier and less costly to just ask the guy what was in his bag? 🙂 Dummies…

    Noooo I mean the Cops wasting all
    that cash not what was in his bag 🙂 lol

  4. I’ve tried those electronic cigs, and they aren’t too bad. They’re okay if you’re in a place where you can’t smoke. But if you could actually have a real-deal cigarette, then you’re gonna smoke it. 🙂

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