Do You Hear The Banjo, Fernando?

So you’re having a “white Christians only” conference with Ku Klux Klan flags and white supremacy slogans gracing the building but you say that the cross you are setting alight at the end of the three day chinwag is not a cross-burning, but rather a sacred Christian cross lighting. Hmm, Alabama you say? No one ever holds a white atheists only conference!!!


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8 responses to “Do You Hear The Banjo, Fernando?

  1. Scott

    Don’t let the American press misguide you–the KKK is actually weaker than ever. It just gets so much press because it’s been hated for so long. Like the NAACP–which is really it’s Black equivalent, the KKK has outlived its original purpose (which was to protect Whites from vengeful Black slaves after the American Civil War). So, like the NAACP, the KKK is no longer needed. And it has so little power, compared to the NAACP, that it needn’t even be mentioned–but the press is going to exaggerate and sensationalize every single thing the KKK does–because that’s sadly how the mainstream American press has become. You don’t get the news, you get a circus. I’ve never known anyone in the KKK in my life. In 1987, while getting a haircut in Houston, Texas, my stylist asked me (after I’d mentioned having been born in raised in Mobile, Alabama), “So how do you deal with the Klan there?” I had no idea what she was talking about. So she said she’d heard that Alabama was controlled by the KKK. Alabama has never been controlled by the KKK–no U.S. state ever has. Even at the height of the KKK’s power, in the 1920’s and early 30’s (it sided with the Prohibitionist platform), it was far from controlling anything. You can only know the truth about a place–any place–by living there.

  2. NAACP not needed? Well not 15 or so years ago my friend was in a barbershop and a 20 something black college kid comes in. The barber said “we don’t cut N___ hair”. Of course my friend left with the kid and went down the street to have his haircut finished.

    • I would do likewise…. 🙂

    • Scott

      That should have reported to the police (or the FBI)–it was a violation of the Civil Rights Act. The NAACP cannot enforce the laws that are on the books.

      Today’s NAACP does not seek equality for Black Americans, but superiority for Black Americans. And it’s getting it. No justice is achieved when a society goes from one extreme to another. There will never be true equality in this country until people of all races are treated equally. And since the NAACP is racially biased, just as the KKK is, it does not promote equality, let alone peaceful coexistence among all Americans.

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