You Broke My Bong!!!!

A word of warning, never, ever break your boyfriend’s bong or he may just pull a gun on you. Well, if you live in Florida, he might!


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7 responses to “You Broke My Bong!!!!

  1. They usually take things like that a lot better when they get to hit it first… 😳 🙄

  2. Androgoth

    I thought you wrote bone there Loon 🙂 lmao

  3. Scott

    That one’s loaded with Freudian imagery!

    By the way, ever notice this state looks just like a pistol? Where I live, it’s called the Panhandle (I have no idea why), and the other part’s the Peninsula of course.

    But Florida does look just like a handgun. The Peninsula is the handle. The small part north of Jacksonville is the hammer mechanism. The indention between Apalachicola and Cross City is where the unseen trigger is. And the remaining Panhandle is the barrel. Living in Escambia County, west of the the City of Pensacola, I live at the very tip of the barrel.

    And if this “pistol” were fired, the bullet would pass through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Mexico before plunging into the Pacific Ocean.

    And no, I’m not preoccupied with guns–nor do I own a handgun. Florida’s always looked like a pistol to me. While my homestate of Alabama has always looked like Thomas Jefferson’s head!

    • Scott

      I’ve just noticed that the bullet would actually cross the Pacific, eventually hitting China, just south of Shanghai!

  4. Have you been smoking that bong lol?

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