Monica Chants For Hillary Clinton

Poor Hillary, not only did she have to dodge flying tomatoes and shoes  from Egyptian demonstrators during her visit to Alexandria but she had to endure the embarrassing taunts of “Monica, Monica”.  It’s a bitch being the US Secretary of State…. and being married to Bill!!!


Filed under Friggin Hilarious

5 responses to “Monica Chants For Hillary Clinton

  1. Aw Po Thang! That’s just terrible, especially after the unveiling of that new Arkansas State Coin! 😆

  2. Scott

    I was a bit confused for a moment there–I pictured Monica Lewinsky, herself, chanting for Hillary Clinton!

  3. How disgusting! I have a lot of respect for Hillary. She’s got balls staying with Bill. To be humiliated the way she was AND STAY takes courage. Hillary! Hillary!

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