Good Vibrations For The Loon

This is what happened when I went to Mega’s birthday. They put a big bowl on my head and kept banging it. Evidently the vibrations are therapeutic. I suspect not!!!! Happy Birthday Mega.

Psst By the way, I was lured there by the promise of a riot squad!!! Seriously Mega, if your going to put out an “open” party invitation on Facebook, you’ve got to have more than two friends to have any chance of attracting gatecrashers.  Oh and I’d remove your senior cits status too, I’m just saying!

I’m not an animal. I’m a human being.


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19 responses to “Good Vibrations For The Loon

  1. You are one handsome Loon!

  2. Xcuse I Mega but I am in the same country and I didn’t get an invite. Oh that’s right I’m not a senior cit yet! I would have brought Coby along too, Geez Loon look at the riot we COULD have had.

  3. Hewd only have tried once Loon, only once !

  4. I’ve just noticed how light your hair is. Are you wearing a curly wig Loon? Also how do you keep that White top WHITE? I can’t for the life of me wear white without my first mouthful of food landing on my … knees lol

  5. Ehhhh…not just any bowl Loons..I use it as a bedpan….gee Loon if ever you get it of your head I would appreciate getting it back.

  6. Ps: I only have one facebook friend…Mark Zuckenberg…he couldn’t make it last night…I think his facebook crap sucks anyway…who is yours Loon? You have A friend? Just curious…and I do want my piss pot back or else I won’t be able to get my hair cut on Tuesday… 😦

  7. Time to color your hair again.

  8. Androgoth

    You are lucky that there
    wasn’t a man dressed as
    a King in the vicinity 🙂

    How do you mean why? 🙂

    Well with that bowl on your
    head it would have been too
    tempting to give you the
    King Alfred hair cut 🙂 lol

    Hope you get that off later Loon 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  9. SHEEEESH!!!!! MEN!?!?!??!


  10. charlie

    Gee wizz loon…your brain is now scrambled eggs…whats new?

  11. charlie

    Couldnt wait for a reply. I dont think your able to come up with one with the bowl on your head. I was hoping to vibrate some sense into you, judging from your replies, I HAVE FAILED…..sorry. we will try a bigger bowl next time.

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