Great Scott

The Loon stayed up to the wee hours to watch Adam Scott fluff the British Open (that’s golf people, golf!). Despite secretly hoping the Big Easy (Ernie Els) would hold up the cup, I would never have predicted the Aussie would stuff up the last 4 holes. Goddammit, you were leading by 4 shots, you only had four friggin holes to go, you just had to par ONE of them. Why Scott, why? Ernie, who looked decidedly sheepish to have won by someone else’s misfortune, came out of the clubhouse to accept the trophy. Meanwhile Scott will be trying to avoid picking up a newspaper or watching the news for at least a month. Hmm, no one wants to see “Biggest Choke in Sports History” next to their name!!!



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7 responses to “Great Scott

  1. sure glad I’m not him!!!


  2. Red

    Golf? That is the sport where they dress in funny short pants and ride motor carts on the lawn?

  3. What’s your handicap LOON apart from the obvious? lololol

  4. Well, the video said it was no longer available due to copyright concerns but I saw what I always see when I turn on golf- black as in the color of the back side of my eyelids!!! I would’ve never been able to stay up into the wee hours for that one. Now a Waltons marathon- that’s a differnt story! Glad you enjoyed.

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