Russian Cowgirl

Thank goodness, her teeth hurt!!!

A little 5 year old “feral” girl who can only communicate by mooing has been discovered in Russia living with a herd of cows . Police were called to a property in the Ural mountains after concerned locals noticed her and  found the mooing child AND the parents who apparently let her live amongst the bovine.


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17 responses to “Russian Cowgirl

  1. Shocking case of child abuse. Who does this?????????????

  2. They should have let her live among the Wombies. We have really good chocolate.

  3. URAL mountains lol isn’t that a drink here for cistitis and udder ..oops I mean bladder infections ?

  4. Androgoth

    Those cows have taught her well…

  5. Androgoth

    And it cud have been a lot worse you know…

  6. Androgoth

    Pull the udder one…

  7. I hope they don’t tan her hide

  8. Scott

    They should put lasso the parents, and brand them–seriously.

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