Random Steals India’s Spotlight

I noticed the random walking proudly next to the befuddled Indian athletes  as they entered the stadium  and thought “Wow, their women’s uniforms are crap.” Hmm, seems the gatecrasher was suppose to be a dancer in the earlier part of the opening but thought she ‘d have better luck being noticed by security breaching. Hmm, nice to know the British security is on the ball.


Filed under Friggin Hilarious, Whoops!

7 responses to “Random Steals India’s Spotlight

  1. Anonymous

    So will she now be beheaded?

  2. No Tandoori pizza for that lot tonight….. 😦

  3. Anonymous

    Now she has to watch out for Random acts of violence like acid throwing or beheadings. I hope it was worth it.

  4. Anywho she needs to watch out for Randon acts of violence now. Like acid throwing or beheadings.

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